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Meeting of Creditors

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Once you have decide to file for bankruptcy, it is important that you discuss your case with a Denver bankruptcy lawyer from our firm. We will help you understand what types of things to expect for your chapter of bankruptcy.

When you file for bankruptcy, you will be required to attend a Meeting of Creditors, also known as a Section 341 meeting. The meeting typically is held about 1 month after the filing of the bankruptcy, and is conducted by the trustee rather than the bankruptcy judge.

What happens at the meeting of creditors?

The debtor is put under oath, and the creditors have the right to ask the debtor about the debtors’ assets and liabilities. In most cases, the creditors do not bother to appear at the meeting of creditors, and the questioning is done by the trustee. In most instances, the meetings are quite brief, and often limited to the debtor simply confirming that the bankruptcy papers contain a true and accurate listing of all of his assets and debts.

If complications arise, such as litigation with a creditor or the trustee, the debtor may have to attend a court hearing or additional examinations, and he will receive such notice from the court or from his attorney.

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